Alpine: Meaning and Pronunciation

The word “alpine” refers to something that is related to or characteristic of the Alps, a mountain range in Europe. In Telugu, it can be translated as అల్పైన్ (alpain).

Pronunciation: al-pahyn

Synonyms of Alpine

Some synonyms of alpine include mountainous, highland, upland, and montane.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to alpine:

  • Noun: mountain (పర్వతం) – The alpine region is known for its majestic mountains.
  • Adjective: snowy (హిమమయమైన) – The alpine peaks were covered in a blanket of snowy white.
  • Adverb: steeply (కొంచెం కొంచెం) – The road ascended steeply through the alpine terrain.
  • Verb: hike (పర్వతారోహణ) – Many people enjoy hiking in the alpine regions.

Example sentence: The alpine flowers bloomed beautifully in the summer.


The antonym of alpine in Telugu is సముద్రములో (samudramulo), which means “in the sea.”

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