Air-Pocket: Meaning and Pronunciation

An air-pocket refers to a small area or region in the atmosphere where the air pressure is significantly lower than the surrounding areas. It is often characterized by a sudden drop in altitude and can cause turbulence or a bumpy ride for aircraft. In Telugu, air-pocket can be translated as గాలి గడ్డ (gāli gaḍḍa).

Pronunciation: (air-pocket) /ɛr ˈpɒkɪt/

Synonyms of Air-Pocket

1. Air hole (గాలి గడ్డ, gāli gaḍḍa)

2. Air pocket (గాలి గడ్డ, gāli gaḍḍa)

3. Air trough (గాలి గడ్డ, gāli gaḍḍa)

Nearby Words

1. Airplane (Noun) – విమానం (vimaanam) – The airplane took off smoothly.

2. Airport (Noun) – విమానాశ్రయం (vimaanāśrayam) – We arrived at the airport early.

3. Airship (Noun) – వాయుయానం (vāyuyānaṁ) – The airship floated gracefully in the sky.


The antonym of air-pocket in Telugu is గాలి గడ్డ లేని (gāli gaḍḍa lēni).

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