Alms-House: Meaning and Pronunciation

An alms-house, known as దానశాల (dānaśāla) in Telugu, is a charitable institution that provides housing and support for the poor and needy. It is a place where individuals who are unable to support themselves financially can seek refuge and receive basic necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing.

Pronunciation: [ahlmz-hous] (ఆల్మ్స్-హౌస్)

Synonyms of Alms-House

1. Poorhouse (గరీబాలయం)
2. Asylum (ఆశ్రయాలయం)
3. Shelter (ఆశ్రయస్థలం)
4. Hospice (హాస్పిటల్)
5. Refuge (ఆశ్రయస్థలం)

Nearby Words

1. Charity (Noun) – దానము: The organization provides charity to the homeless.
2. Philanthropy (Noun) – ప్రజాప్రియత: The billionaire’s philanthropy helped build several alms-houses.
3. Needy (Adjective) – అవసరమైన: The alms-house provides assistance to the needy.
4. Destitute (Adjective) – నిర్ధనులు: The destitute family found solace in the alms-house.
5. Benevolence (Noun) – దయచేసేవార్త: The alms-house operates on the principles of benevolence.

Example Sentence: The alms-house offers a safe haven for those in need of assistance.


Ad (విరుద్ధార్థకము): Prosperity (ఆరోగ్యం)

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