alms house

Alms House

An alms house, also known as a poorhouse or a workhouse, is a charitable institution that provides housing and support for the poor and needy. In Telugu, it is called దానశాల (dānaśāla), దానమందిరం (dānamandiraṁ), or దానగృహం (dānagṛhaṁ).


Alms house is pronounced as /ɑːmz haʊs/.


Some synonyms for alms house include poorhouse, workhouse, charity house, and asylum.

Nearby Words

  • Alms (noun) – దానము (dānamu) – The act of giving money or goods to the poor as a form of charity. Example: He donated alms to the beggars on the street.
  • House (noun) – ఇల్లు (illu) – A building used as a dwelling place. Example: She lives in a beautiful house.
  • Poor (adjective) – బడికించే (baḍikiñcē) – Lacking sufficient money or resources. Example: The poor children couldn’t afford to go to school.
  • Charity (noun) – దానము (dānamu) – The voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need. Example: The organization provides charity to the homeless.


The antonym for alms house in Telugu is సంపదలేని మన్నికి ఇల్లు (sampadalenī manniki illu).

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