ad hoc committee

Ad Hoc Committee: Meaning in Telugu

అడ్ హాక్ కమిటీ: అర్థం తెలుగులో

అడ్ హాక్ కమిటీ అంటే ఒక తాత్కాలిక కమిటీ. (ad hoc committee means a temporary committee)

Pronunciation of Ad Hoc Committee

(Pronunciation: ad hok kəˈmɪt.i)

Synonyms of Ad Hoc Committee

Temporary committee, Special committee, Interim committee

Nearby Words

Nearby Words:
1. Ad hoc (Adjective) – తాత్కాలిక (temporary)
2. Ad infinitum (Adverb) – అనంతంగా (endlessly)
3. Ad interim (Adverb) – తాత్కాలికంగా (temporarily)
4. Ad lib (Adverb) – స్వతంత్రంగా (freely)
5. Ad nauseam (Adverb) – అనంతంగా (to a sickening extent)

Related Sentences:
1. The ad hoc committee was formed to address the urgent issue.
2. The committee will meet ad interim until a permanent one is established.
3. The decision was made ad lib, without any prior planning.


Ad (అడ్) – Permanent (శాశ్వత)

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