Adaptation: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adaptation is a noun that refers to the process of adjusting or modifying something to fit a new purpose or environment. In Telugu, it is known as అనుకూలకరణ (anukūlakaraṇa).

Pronunciation: [ad-uh p-tey-shuhn]

Synonyms of Adaptation

Some synonyms of adaptation include adjustment, modification, alteration, change, transformation, and accommodation.

Nearby Words

1. Adopt (verb) – స్వీకరించు (svīkariñcu) – The couple decided to adopt a child from an orphanage.

2. Adjust (verb) – సరిగ్గాంచు (sariggāñcu) – She had to adjust her schedule to accommodate the new project.

3. Modify (verb) – మార్చు (mārcu) – The architect suggested modifying the design to make it more functional.


The antonym of adaptation is అనుకూలకరణ (anukūlakaraṇa) which means “non-adaptation” or “inadaptability.”

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