Aerometer: Meaning and Pronunciation

An aerometer is a scientific instrument used to measure the density or specific gravity of gases. It is commonly used in meteorology and chemistry to determine the density of air or other gases. In Telugu, the word “aerometer” can be translated as వాయుమాపకం (vāyumāpakaṁ).

Pronunciation: (ay-ruh-mee-ter)

Aerometer Synonyms

Some synonyms for aerometer include:

  • Air meter
  • Gas density meter
  • Specific gravity gauge
  • Air density indicator

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to aerometer:

  • Aerodynamics (Noun) – వాయుయాంత్రికత (vāyuyāntrikata) – The study of the motion of air and other gases.
  • Aerodrome (Noun) – విమానాశ్రయం (vimānāśrayaṁ) – A landing area and facilities for aircraft.
  • Aerobic (Adjective) – వాయుసంబంధి (vāyusaṁbaṁdhi) – Relating to or requiring oxygen.
  • Aerobics (Noun) – వాయుసంబంధి వ్యాయామం (vāyusaṁbaṁdhi vyāyāmaṁ) – A system of exercises to promote physical fitness.

Example sentence: The aerodynamics of the new airplane design were carefully analyzed.


The antonym for aerometer in Telugu is వాయుమాపకం కాదు (vāyumāpakaṁ kādu).


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