Aerology is the study of the atmosphere and its phenomena. It is derived from the Greek word “aero” meaning air and “logos” meaning study or science. In Telugu, aerology is known as వాయువిజ్ఞానం (vāyuvijñānaṁ).


Aerology is pronounced as “air-ol-uh-jee”.


Some synonyms for aerology include atmospheric science, meteorology, and climatology.

Nearby Words

  • Atmosphere (Noun) – వాయువు (vāyuvu) – The envelope of gases surrounding the Earth.
  • Phenomena (Noun) – ప్రక్రియలు (prakriyalu) – Observable events or facts that occur in the atmosphere.
  • Weather (Noun) – వాతావరణం (vātāvaraṇaṁ) – The state of the atmosphere at a particular time and place.

Example sentence: వాయువిజ్ఞానంలో ప్రక్రియలు మరియు వాతావరణం పరిశీలించబడతాయి (vāyuvijñānaṁlō prakriyalu mariyu vātāvaraṇaṁ pariśīliṅcabadaṭāyi) – Phenomena and weather are studied in aerology.


The antonym for aerology in Telugu is భూమివిజ్ఞానం (bhūmivijñānaṁ), which means geology.

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