Allegations: Meaning and Pronunciation

In Telugu, the word “allegations” can be translated as కలంకాలు (kalankalu), ఆరోపణలు (aropanalu), or దోషాలు (doshaalu).

Pronunciation: [al-i-gey-shuhns]

Synonyms of Allegations

Some synonyms of allegations include accusations, charges, claims, assertions, and indictments.

Nearby Words

1. Accuse (verb) – ఆరోపించు (aropinchu) – The police will accuse the suspect of theft.
2. Accusation (noun) – ఆరోపణ (aropana) – The accusation against him was false.
3. Blame (verb) – దోషించు (dosinchu) – They blame him for the accident.
4. Defamation (noun) – నీచిక (neechika) – The article was a defamation of his character.
5. Indictment (noun) – ఆరోపణ (aropana) – The grand jury issued an indictment against the suspect.

Example sentence: The allegations made by the opposition party were baseless.


The antonym of allegations in Telugu is ఖండనం (khandanam).


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