Allegation: Meaning and Pronunciation

An allegation is a claim or assertion made without providing concrete proof. It is a statement that accuses someone of wrongdoing or making false claims. In Telugu, the word “allegation” can be translated as కలంకం, ఆరోపణ, దోషాలు (kalankam, aaropana, doshalu).

Pronunciation: al-i-gey-shuhn

Synonyms of Allegation

Some synonyms of allegation include accusation, claim, charge, assertion, indictment, and imputation.

Nearby Words

1. Accuse (verb) – ఆరోపించు (aaropinchu) – The police will accuse him of theft.

2. Claim (noun) – దావా (daava) – She made a claim for compensation.

3. Charge (noun) – ఆరోపణ (aaropana) – The charge against him was dropped due to lack of evidence.

4. Assertion (noun) – ప్రతిపాదన (pratipadana) – His assertion that he was innocent was met with skepticism.


The antonym of allegation in Telugu is ఖండన (khandana), which means “denial” or “refutation”.

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