adam’s apple

Adam’s Apple

The Adam’s apple, known as “ఆడం ఆపిల్” (Aadam Aapil) in Telugu, is a prominent feature in the human neck. It is a protrusion formed by the thyroid cartilage of the larynx. The term “Adam’s apple” is derived from the biblical story of Adam and Eve, where it is believed that a piece of the forbidden fruit got stuck in Adam’s throat.


The pronunciation of Adam’s apple in Telugu is “Aadam Aapil”.


Some synonyms for Adam’s apple include:

  • ఆడం ఆపిల్ గుండె (Aadam Aapil Gunde)
  • ఆడం ఆపిల్ పుట్టు (Aadam Aapil Puttu)
  • ఆడం ఆపిల్ గొంతు (Aadam Aapil Gonthu)

Nearby Words

Some nearby words related to Adam’s apple are:

  • Noun: గొంతు (Gonthu) – throat
  • Noun: ముక్కు (Mukku) – nose
  • Noun: మెడ (Meda) – chin

Example sentences:

  1. ఆడం ఆపిల్ గొంతు పై ఒక గొంతు ఉంది. (There is a lump on the Adam’s apple.)
  2. ముక్కు మరియు ఆడం ఆపిల్ పై మెడ ఉంది. (There is a mole on the nose and Adam’s apple.)


The antonym for Adam’s apple in Telugu is “ఆడం ఆపిల్ లేని” (Aadam Aapil Leni).

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