Aerates: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms

Aerates is a verb that means to supply or expose to air or oxygen. In Telugu, it is translated as వాయువు ప్రదానం చేయు (vāyuvu pradānaṁ cēyu).

Pronunciation: (ay-uh-reyts)

Synonyms: aerify, oxygenate, ventilate, freshen, air

Nearby Words

1. Aerate (Noun)
Meaning: వాయువు ప్రదానం (vāyuvu pradānaṁ)
Example: The plants need a good aerate to grow properly.

2. Aeration (Noun)
Meaning: వాయువు ప్రదానం (vāyuvu pradānaṁ)
Example: The aeration process helps in improving the water quality.

3. Aerated (Adjective)
Meaning: వాయువు ప్రదానం చేసిన (vāyuvu pradānaṁ cēsina)
Example: The aerated drink was refreshing on a hot summer day.


The antonym of aerates in Telugu is వాయువు ప్రదానం చేయడం లేదు (vāyuvu pradānaṁ cēyaḍaṁ lēdu).


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