Amortized Meaning in Telugu

Amortized is a term used in finance and accounting to describe the process of gradually paying off a debt or loan over a period of time. In Telugu, the word “amortized” can be translated as:

  • అమోర్టైజ్ (amortize)
  • సమయంలో చెల్లించు (samayamlo cellinchu)
  • సమయంలో చెల్లించుట (samayamlo cellinchuta)

Pronunciation: uh-mawr-tahyz

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Amortization (noun): అమోర్టైజేషన్ (amortization) – The act of amortizing a debt or loan.
  • Loan (noun): రుణం (runam) – Money borrowed from a person, bank, or financial institution.
  • Debt (noun): రుణం (runam) – An amount of money owed to someone.
  • Payment (noun): చెల్లింపు (cellimpu) – The act of giving money in exchange for goods or services.

Example sentence: అమోర్టైజేషన్ పథకంలో మొత్తం రుణం సమయంలో చెల్లించబడుతుంది (Amortization pathakamlo mottam runam samayamlo cellinchabadutundi) – The total debt is amortized over time in the amortization schedule.

Amortized Synonyms

Some synonyms for “amortized” include:

  • సమయంలో చెల్లించుట (samayamlo cellinchuta)
  • సమయంలో చెల్లించు (samayamlo cellinchu)
  • అమోర్టైజ్ (amortize)

Amortized Antonyms

The antonym for “amortized” in Telugu is:

అమోర్టైజ్ కాదు (amortize kaadu) – Not amortized

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