Adjacencies: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adjacencies, in Telugu language, can be translated as పక్కపడుతుంది (pakka padutundi). The pronunciation of adjacencies in Telugu is as follows: (pak-ka pa-du-tun-di).

Synonyms of Adjacencies

Some synonyms of adjacencies include:

  • Proximity (సమీపత)
  • Neighboring (పక్కపడుతుంది)
  • Contiguity (సన్నిహితత)
  • Adjoining (పక్కపడుతుంది)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to adjacencies:

  • Noun: Proximity (సమీపత) – The proximity of the two buildings made communication easier.
  • Adjective: Neighboring (పక్కపడుతుంది) – The neighboring countries often share cultural similarities.
  • Noun: Contiguity (సన్నిహితత) – The contiguity of the two parks allows for easy access between them.
  • Verb: Adjoin (పక్కపడుతుంది) – The new building will adjoin the existing one.

Example sentences:

  1. The proximity of the two houses made it convenient for the neighbors to socialize.
  2. The neighboring villages often collaborate on community projects.
  3. The contiguity of the two states allows for seamless travel between them.
  4. The new office building will adjoin the current one, creating a larger workspace.


The antonym of adjacencies in Telugu is దూరంగా (dooranga).


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