Advantaged is an adjective that refers to being in a favorable or privileged position. It is often used to describe individuals or groups who have certain benefits or advantages over others.


advantaged (ad-van-tijd)


privileged, favored, fortunate, blessed, lucky

Nearby Words

– Advantage (noun) – ప్రయోజనం, లాభం
Example: He took advantage of the opportunity to showcase his talent.
– Advancement (noun) – ముందుకు వెళ్ళడం, పురోగతి
Example: The company offers opportunities for career advancement.
– Advance (verb) – ముందుకు వెళ్ళు, ముందుకు పోవు
Example: She advanced quickly in her career.
– Adversity (noun) – ప్రతికూలత, ప్రలోభనం
Example: Despite facing adversity, he never gave up.


అనాదరించబడిన (anādariṃcabadiṇa)

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