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Adjacent Angle: Meaning and Definition

Adjacent angles are a fundamental concept in geometry. In Telugu, adjacent angles are known as పక్కపక్క కోణాలు (pakka pakka kōṇālu). They are formed when two angles share a common vertex and a common side but do not overlap.


The pronunciation of adjacent angle in Telugu is pakka pakka kōṇālu.


Some synonyms for adjacent angles include:

  • Neighboring angles
  • Consecutive angles
  • Contiguous angles

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to adjacent angles:

  • Angle (Noun) – కోణము (kōṇamu) – The space between two intersecting lines or surfaces at or close to the point where they meet.
  • Vertex (Noun) – శిఖరం (śikharaṁ) – The point where two lines or the sides of an angle meet.
  • Side (Noun) – భాగం (bhāgaṁ) – Each of the lines forming the boundaries of an angle.

Example sentences:

  1. The adjacent angles of a square measure 90 degrees each.
  2. When two lines intersect, four adjacent angles are formed.
  3. In a parallelogram, opposite angles are congruent, while adjacent angles are supplementary.


The antonym for adjacent angle in Telugu is విపరీత కోణము (viparīta kōṇamu).

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