Amplified Meaning in Telugu

Amplified is an English word that means to increase the volume, intensity, or size of something. In Telugu, it can be translated into various meanings:

Amplified Meanings in Telugu:

  • పెరగిన (peragina) – increased
  • విస్తరించిన (vistarinchina) – expanded
  • పెంచిన (penchina) – stretched
  • పెంచిన (penchina) – magnified

Pronunciation: uhm-pluh-fahyd

Nearby Words:

  • Noun: పెరగడం (peragadam) – increase
  • Adjective: పెరగని (peragani) – increasing
  • Verb: పెరగు (peragu) – to grow
  • Adverb: పెరగవచ్చు (peragavacchu) – gradually

Example Sentences:

  1. ఆ సంగీత వాదకుడు వాడిన వాడని పెరగింది. (A sangeetha vaadakuḍu vaadina vaadani peragindi) – The musician amplified his voice.
  2. ఆ ప్రాజెక్టును విస్తరించిన వివరణలు ఇవ్వండి. (A prajektunu vistarinchina vivaranalu ivvandi) – Please provide an amplified description of the project.

Amplified Synonyms:

  • Increased
  • Enhanced
  • Intensified
  • Magnified

Amplified Antonyms:

The antonym of amplified in Telugu is తగ్గించిన (tagginchina), which means reduced or decreased.

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