Agitations: Meaning and Pronunciation

Agitations, in Telugu language, can be referred to as ఆందోళనలు (āndōḷanalu). The pronunciation of agitations is [aj-i-tey-shuhns].

Synonyms of Agitations

Some synonyms of agitations include unrest, turmoil, upheaval, protest, rebellion, and revolt.

Nearby Words

1. Aggravation (noun) – భారంగానే (bhāraṁgānē) – The act of making a situation worse or more serious.

Example sentence: The constant noise outside the office was an aggravation to the employees.

2. Aggression (noun) – ఆక్రమణం (ākramaṇaṁ) – Hostile or violent behavior towards others.

Example sentence: The country faced aggression from its neighboring nation.

3. Agitate (verb) – ఆందోళన (āndōḷana) – To make someone feel troubled or anxious.

Example sentence: The news of the accident agitated the entire community.


The antonym of agitations in Telugu is శాంతి (śānti).


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