Adhesive: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adhesive is a noun that refers to a substance used for sticking objects together. In Telugu, adhesive is known as ఆటగింపు (āṭagiṁpu), కట్టుబంధన పదార్థం (kaṭṭubandhana padārthaṁ), or కట్టుబంధన ద్రవ్యం (kaṭṭubandhana dravyaṁ).

Pronunciation: uh-dhee-siv

Synonyms of Adhesive

Some synonyms of adhesive include glue, cement, paste, gum, and stickum.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to adhesive:

  • Noun: Bond (బంధం) – The adhesive created a strong bond between the two surfaces.
  • Noun: Attachment (అనుగుణం) – The adhesive provided a secure attachment for the parts.
  • Noun: Cohesion (సంఘటన) – The adhesive’s cohesion ensured a long-lasting hold.
  • Noun: Adherence (అనుష్ఠానం) – The adhesive’s adherence to the surface was impressive.


The antonym of adhesive in Telugu is విలువ (viluva).

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