Admissibility: Meaning and Pronunciation

Admissibility is a noun that refers to the quality or state of being admissible. In Telugu, it can be translated as అంగీకార్యత (angīkāryata), స్వీకార్యత (svīkāryata), or అంగీకారము (angīkāramu).

Pronunciation: (ad-mis-uh-bil-i-tee)

Synonyms of Admissibility

Some synonyms of admissibility include acceptability, permissibility, eligibility, and allowability.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Admission (Noun) – అంగీకరణ (angīkaraṇa), ప్రవేశం (pravēśaṁ)
    Example Sentence: The admission fee for the concert is quite high.
  • Admissible (Adjective) – అంగీకరించగల (angīkarin̄cagala), స్వీకార్యమైన (svīkāryamaina)
    Example Sentence: The evidence presented in court was deemed admissible.
  • Admit (Verb) – అంగీకరించు (angīkarin̄cu), స్వీకరించు (svīkarin̄cu)
    Example Sentence: The suspect finally admitted to the crime.


In Telugu, the antonym of admissibility is అనుమతించడం (anumatin̄caḍaṁ), which means “inadmissibility.”

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