adhesive stamp

Adhesive Stamp

An adhesive stamp, also known as a postage stamp, is a small piece of paper that is attached to a letter or package to indicate that postage has been paid. It is an essential item for sending mail and is used worldwide. In Telugu language, adhesive stamp is called ఆడివారం స్టాంప్ (āḍivāraṁ stāmp).


The pronunciation of adhesive stamp in Telugu is āḍivāraṁ stāmp.


Some synonyms for adhesive stamp are ఆడివారం స్టాంప్ (āḍivāraṁ stāmp), పోస్టేజ్ స్టాంప్ (pōsṭēj stāmp), and పర్చు స్టాంప్ (parchu stāmp).

Nearby Words

  • Noun: పర్చు (parchu) – meaning “envelope”
  • Noun: పోస్టేజ్ (pōsṭēj) – meaning “postage”
  • Noun: అంచనా (aṁcanā) – meaning “mail”
  • Noun: పత్రం (patraṁ) – meaning “letter”

Example sentences:

  1. నా పర్చులో ఆడివారం స్టాంప్ లేదు. (Nā parchulō āḍivāraṁ stāmpu lēdu) – There is no adhesive stamp on my envelope.
  2. పత్రంలో పోస్టేజ్ స్టాంప్ ఉంది. (Patraṁlō pōsṭēj stāmpu undi) – There is a postage stamp on the letter.


The antonym for adhesive stamp in Telugu is ఆడివారం లేక (āḍivāraṁ lēka).

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