Adhesiveness: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adhesiveness is a noun that refers to the quality or state of being adhesive. It is pronounced as /ədˈhiːsɪvnəs/.

Meanings of Adhesiveness in Telugu:

ఆకర్షణశీలత (ākarṣaṇaśīlata), చిప్పుడు (chippuḍu), కట్టుబడి (kaṭṭubaḍi)

Synonyms of Adhesiveness:

Stickiness, cohesion, tenacity, gumminess, viscosity

Nearby Words:

  • Noun: Adhesion (ఆకర్షణ, ākarṣaṇa)
  • Noun: Adhesive (ఆకర్షక, ākarṣaka)
  • Verb: Adhere (ఆకర్షించు, ākarṣiñcu) – The glue will adhere the pieces together.
  • Adjective: Adhesive (ఆకర్షక, ākarṣaka) – The adhesive tape is strong and durable.


In Telugu, the antonym of adhesiveness is విముక్తి (vimukti).

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