Administering: Meaning and Pronunciation

Administering is the present participle form of the verb administer. It is pronounced as /ədˈmɪnɪstərɪŋ/.

Meaning in Telugu

నిర్వహించుట, పరిచర్చించుట, నిర్వహించుట, నిర్వహించుట, నిర్వహించుట


manage, conduct, control, direct, handle

Nearby Words

  • Noun: administration – నిర్వహణ
  • Adjective: administrative – నిర్వాహక
  • Verb: administer – నిర్వహించు
  • Adverb: administratively – నిర్వాహకంగా

Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor will administer the vaccine to the patients. (Verb)
  2. The administration of the company is efficient. (Noun)
  3. She has an administrative role in the organization. (Adjective)
  4. The task was completed administratively. (Adverb)


The antonym of administering in Telugu is ప్రభుత్వం (prabhutvam).

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