Agony: Meaning and Pronunciation

Agony is a noun that refers to intense physical or mental suffering. In Telugu, it is known as ఆఘోనం (āghōnaṁ), ఆర్తం (ārtaṁ), పీడ (pīḍa), దుఃఖం (duḥkhaṁ), వేదన (vēdana).

Pronunciation: uh-guh-nee

Synonyms of Agony

Some synonyms of agony include torment, anguish, suffering, pain, distress, misery, and affliction.

Nearby Words

1. Agonizing (adjective) – ఆఘోనకరమైన (āghōnakaramaina) – causing great physical or mental pain.

2. Agonized (adjective) – ఆఘోనించిన (āghōninchina) – experiencing intense suffering or pain.

3. Agonize (verb) – ఆఘోనించు (āghōninchu) – to suffer extreme physical or mental pain.

4. Agonizingly (adverb) – ఆఘోనకరమైనంగా (āghōnakaramainagā) – in a manner that causes great suffering or pain.


The antonym of agony in Telugu is ఆనందం (ānandaṁ), which means joy or happiness.

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