Allude: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms, and More

Meaning in Telugu: సూచించు, ఆక్షేపించు, సంకేతించు

Pronunciation: uh-lood


  • Refer
  • Hint
  • Imply
  • Suggest
  • Mention

Nearby Words:

  • Allusion (noun) – ఆక్షేపణ
  • Allusive (adjective) – ఆక్షేపకరమైన
  • Allusively (adverb) – ఆక్షేపకరమైనగా
  • Allusiveness (noun) – ఆక్షేపకరమైనత

Example Sentences:

  1. He alluded to his past experiences during the conversation. (Verb)
  2. The speaker made an allusion to a famous quote. (Noun)
  3. Her writing style is often allusive, leaving room for interpretation. (Adjective)
  4. The poet’s allusiveness adds depth to his work. (Noun)


The antonym of “allude” in Telugu is “సూచించకుండా చెప్పు” (soochinchakunda cheppu).

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Remember, “allude” is a versatile word that allows you to indirectly refer to something or someone. Use it wisely to add depth and intrigue to your conversations and writing.

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