Altars: Meaning and Significance in Telugu

Altars, known as పూజా మంటపం (pooja mantapam) in Telugu, hold great cultural and religious significance in the Telugu-speaking regions of India. These sacred structures are used for worship and offering prayers to deities.

Pronunciation of Altars

Altars is pronounced as “awl-ters” in English.

Synonyms of Altars

Some synonyms of altars include shrines, sanctuaries, temples, and holy places.

Nearby Words

  • Religious (adjective) – ధార్మిక (dharmika) – relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to a deity or religious practice. Example: The religious ceremony took place at the altar.
  • Worship (noun) – పూజ (puja) – the reverent love and devotion accorded to a deity, idol, or sacred object. Example: Devotees gathered at the altar to offer their worship.
  • Devotion (noun) – భక్తి (bhakti) – profound dedication and love towards a deity or religious practice. Example: The devotee’s devotion to the altar was unwavering.


The antonym of altar in Telugu is అపవిత్రము (apavithramu), meaning impure or unholy.

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