Altarpiece: Meaning and Pronunciation

An altarpiece, known as ఆల్టర్ పీస్ in Telugu, is a religious artwork that is placed behind the altar in a church or chapel. It serves as a focal point for worship and often depicts religious scenes or figures. The word “altarpiece” is pronounced as /ˈɔːltərpiːs/.

Synonyms of Altarpiece

Some synonyms of altarpiece include:

  • Retablo (రెటాబ్లో)
  • Altar screen (ఆల్టర్ స్క్రీన్)
  • Altar frontal (ఆల్టర్ ఫ్రంటల్)
  • Altar painting (ఆల్టర్ పేంటింగ్)

Nearby Words

Some nearby words related to altarpiece are:

  • Altar (Noun) – ఆల్టర్, a table used for religious ceremonies
  • Piece (Noun) – పీస్, a part or portion of something
  • Religious (Adjective) – ధార్మిక, relating to or believing in a religion
  • Artwork (Noun) – కళాకృతి, a piece of art

Example sentences:

  1. The altarpiece in the church depicts the crucifixion of Jesus.
  2. She donated a beautiful altarpiece to the chapel.
  3. The artist spent months creating the intricate altarpiece.


The antonym of altarpiece in Telugu is అంతర్వస్త్రం (Antarvastram), which means “clothing” or “garment”.

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