Adieus: Meaning and Pronunciation in Telugu

Adieus is an English word that is commonly used to bid farewell or say goodbye. In Telugu, it can be translated as విదాయం (vidāyaṁ), విదాయ (vidāya), or విద్యార్థులకు విదాయ (vidyārthulaku vidāya).

Pronunciation: [uh-dyooz] (అడ్యూస్)

Synonyms of Adieus

1. Farewell (విదాయం, విదాయ)

2. Goodbye (విదాయం, విదాయ)

3. Adieu (విదాయం, విదాయ)

4. Bye (విదాయం, విదాయ)

Nearby Words

1. Adieu (Noun) – విదాయం, విదాయ

Example: He bid adieu to his friends before leaving.

2. Adieus (Noun) – విదాయం, విదాయ

Example: The adieus were emotional as they parted ways.

3. Adieux (Noun) – విదాయం, విదాయ

Example: The adieux were filled with tears and hugs.


The antonym of adieus in Telugu is స్వాగతం (svāgataṁ), which means “welcome”.

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