Adhesions: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adhesions, అధేషన్స్, refers to the formation of scar tissue that binds organs or tissues together. It can occur as a result of surgery, infection, or inflammation. Adhesions can cause pain, discomfort, and restrict the movement of affected organs.

Pronunciation: uh-dhee-zhuhns

Synonyms of Adhesions

1. Cohesion
2. Union
3. Bond
4. Attachment
5. Fusion

Nearby Words

1. Adhesive (noun) – ఆద్రవ్యం, a substance used for sticking objects together.
Example: “Please use an adhesive to fix the broken pieces.”

2. Adhere (verb) – అనుసరించు, to stick or cling to something.
Example: “The sticker will adhere to the surface if you press it firmly.”

3. Adhesion (noun) – ఆద్రవ్యం, the action or process of sticking to something.
Example: “The adhesion of the bandage kept the wound covered.”


Ad – విజ్ఞాపనం, meaning advertisement.

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