Allegorical: Meaning and Pronunciation

Allegorical is an adjective that refers to something that conveys a hidden or symbolic meaning. It is pronounced as uh-leg-uh-ri-kuhl.

Synonyms of Allegorical

Some synonyms of allegorical include symbolic, metaphorical, figurative, representative, and emblematic.

Nearby Words

1. Allegory (Noun) – అలంకారిక కథ (a-lan-kaa-rik katha) – A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning.

2. Allusion (Noun) – ఆక్షేపణ (aak-she-pa-na) – An indirect reference to something or someone.

3. Symbolic (Adjective) – సంకేతాత్మక (san-ke-taat-ma-ka) – Representing something through symbols or signs.

Example Sentence: The novel was filled with allegorical references to political events.


The antonym of allegorical is literal, which means something that is straightforward and factual. In Telugu, the word for literal is సాంత్వనిక (saan-tva-ni-ka).

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