Allopathic: Definition, Pronunciation, and Synonyms

Definition: Allopathic, in Telugu (అల్లోపతిక్), refers to the traditional system of medicine that treats diseases with remedies that produce effects different from those caused by the disease itself.

Pronunciation: Allopathic (అల్లోపతిక్)

Synonyms: Modern medicine, Western medicine, conventional medicine, mainstream medicine.

Nearby Words

Nearby Words:

  • Noun: Allopath (అల్లోపత్)
  • Adjective: Allopathic (అల్లోపతిక)
  • Verb: Allopathize (అల్లోపతీకరించు)

Allopath (Noun): A practitioner of allopathic medicine.

Allopathic (Adjective): Relating to or practicing allopathy.

Allopathize (Verb): To treat with allopathic medicine.

Example Sentences:

  1. The allopath prescribed some medication for my fever. (Noun)
  2. She visited an allopathic doctor for her chronic back pain. (Adjective)
  3. The alternative medicine didn’t work, so she decided to allopathize. (Verb)



  • Noun: Homeopath (హోమియోపత్)
  • Adjective: Homeopathic (హోమియోపతిక)
  • Verb: Homeopathize (హోమియోపతీకరించు)

Homeopath (Noun): A practitioner of homeopathy.

Homeopathic (Adjective): Relating to or practicing homeopathy.

Homeopathize (Verb): To treat with homeopathic medicine.

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