Adversities: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adversities, in Telugu language, can be translated as ప్రతికూలతలు (pratikūlatalu), ప్రతికూలత (pratikūlata), ప్రతికూలతల (pratikūlatalu), ప్రతికూలతలుగా (pratikūlatalugā).

Pronunciation: (ad-ver-si-tees)

Synonyms of Adversities

Some synonyms of adversities include hardships, difficulties, challenges, obstacles, setbacks, troubles, and misfortunes.

Nearby Words

1. Adverse (adjective) – ప్రతికూల (pratikūla) – The adverse weather conditions affected the crops.

2. Adversely (adverb) – ప్రతికూలంగా (pratikūlaṅgā) – The new regulations will adversely impact small businesses.

3. Adversary (noun) – ప్రతిపక్షి (pratipakṣi) – He considered his opponent as a worthy adversary.

4. Adversarial (adjective) – ప్రతిపక్ష (pratipakṣa) – The two lawyers engaged in an adversarial legal battle.


The antonym of adversities is సౌకర్యాలు (saukaryālu) which means “comforts” or “ease”.

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