Addle-Brained: Meaning and Pronunciation

In Telugu, the term “addle-brained” can be translated as బుద్ధి కలిగిన (buddhi kaligina). The word “addle” refers to confusion or muddled thinking, while “brained” indicates a state of mind. When combined, “addle-brained” describes someone who is confused or lacking in intelligence.

Pronunciation: (uhd-l-breyned)

Synonyms of Addle-Brained

1. Confused: కలిగిన (kaligina)

2. Muddled: కలిగిన (kaligina)

3. Scatterbrained: బుద్ధి కలిగిన (buddhi kaligina)

4. Disoriented: కలిగిన (kaligina)

Nearby Words

1. Addled (verb): కలిగిన (kaligina) – The heat addled his brain.

2. Addlement (noun): కలిగినత (kaliginata) – His addlement was evident in his speech.

3. Addling (verb): కలిగించు (kaliginchu) – The noise was addling her thoughts.


The antonym of “addle-brained” in Telugu is బుద్ధివంతమైన (buddhivantamaina), which means intelligent or smart.

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