Aggrandizing: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aggrandizing is a verb that means to enhance or exaggerate the importance, power, or status of something or someone. In Telugu, it is translated as పెంచుకొనుట (penchukonuṭa), పెంచుకొనుటకు (penchukonuṭaku), పెంచుకొనుటకు ప్రయత్నించు (penchukonuṭaku prayatinchu).

Pronunciation: ag-gran-dahyz-ing

Synonyms of Aggrandizing

1. Exaggerating
2. Amplifying
3. Magnifying
4. Inflating
5. Embellishing

Nearby Words

1. Aggrandizement (noun) – పెంచుకొనుట, పెంచుకొనుటకు ప్రయత్నించు
Example: His constant aggrandizement of his achievements made him unpopular among his peers.

2. Aggravate (verb) – భారం పెరిగించు, భారం పెరిగించుట
Example: The loud noise only served to aggravate her headache.

3. Augment (verb) – పెంచుకొను, పెంచుకొనుట
Example: The company decided to augment its workforce to meet the increasing demand.

4. Enhance (verb) – పెంచుకొను, పెంచుకొనుట
Example: The new software will enhance the performance of our computer systems.

5. Exalt (verb) – పెంచుకొను, పెంచుకొనుట
Example: The king was exalted as a hero after his victory in battle.


The antonym of aggrandizing in Telugu is తగ్గించు (tagginchu).

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