Adjudication: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adjudication is a noun that refers to the act of making a formal judgment or decision about a dispute or problem. In Telugu, it is known as న్యాయపరిష్కరణ (nyāyapariṣkaraṇa).

Pronunciation: [uh-joo-di-key-shuhn]

Synonyms of Adjudication

Some synonyms of adjudication include:

  • Judgment
  • Decision
  • Ruling
  • Verdict
  • Settlement

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Adjudge (verb) – న్యాయపరిష్కరించు (nyāyapariṣkarin̄cu)
    Example: The court will adjudge the case based on the evidence presented.
  • Adjudicate (verb) – న్యాయపరిష్కరించు (nyāyapariṣkarin̄cu)
    Example: The panel of judges will adjudicate the singing competition.
  • Adjudicator (noun) – న్యాయపరిష్కరణకర్త (nyāyapariṣkaraṇakarta)
    Example: The adjudicator carefully reviewed all the submissions before making a decision.
  • Adjudicatory (adjective) – న్యాయపరిష్కరణ (nyāyapariṣkaraṇa)
    Example: The adjudicatory process ensures a fair and impartial resolution of disputes.


The antonym of adjudication is “అన్యాయం” (anyāyaṁ) in Telugu, which means injustice.

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