Pronunciation: uh-ground

Meanings in Telugu:

అడుగుపడుతున్న, అడుగుపడిన (adugupadutunna, adugupadina)


stranded, beached, marooned, stuck, grounded

Nearby Words:

– Anchor (Noun) – ఆంకర్ (āṅkar) – The ship dropped its anchor in the harbor.
– Beach (Noun) – కడి (kaḍi) – We spent the day relaxing on the beach.
– Coast (Noun) – తీరం (tīraṁ) – The lighthouse stands on the coast.
– Shipwreck (Noun) – పోతన (pōtana) – The divers explored the shipwreck on the ocean floor.
– Tide (Noun) – తీరము (tīramu) – The tide was high, and the waves crashed against the rocks.

Example Sentences:

– The ship ran aground on a sandbar.
– The fishing boat got stuck aground during the storm.
– The captain tried to maneuver the vessel, but it ended up aground.
– The stranded sailors were eventually rescued from the aground ship.


afloat, floating (పైకి ఉన్న, పైకి ఉన్న)

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