Amidst Meaning in Telugu

Amidst is a preposition that is commonly used in English to indicate being surrounded by or in the middle of something. In Telugu, amidst can be translated as మధ్యలో (madhyalō) or మధ్యంలో (madhyaṁlō).

Pronunciation of Amidst

The word “amidst” is pronounced as uh-midst.

Nearby Words

  • Amid (preposition) – మధ్యంలో (madhyaṁlō), మధ్యలో (madhyalō) – In the middle of or surrounded by.
  • Among (preposition) – లోనికి (lōniki), లోను (lōnu) – Surrounded by or in the company of.
  • Between (preposition) – మధ్య (madhya), మధ్యంలో (madhyaṁlō) – In the space separating two objects or regions.

Example sentence: నాన్న మధ్యంలో నా ప్రియమైన పుస్తకం ఉంది. (Nānna madhyalō nā priyamaina pustakaṁ undi) – My favorite book is amidst my father’s belongings.

Amidst Synonyms

  • Amongst
  • Surrounded by
  • In the middle of
  • Amid

Amidst Antonyms

The antonym of amidst is “outside” or “beyond.” In Telugu, the word for “outside” is బయటకు (bayatakū) and “beyond” is పర్యంతం (paryaṁtaṁ).


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