Adumbrated: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adumbrated is an English word that has several adumbrated meanings in Telugu: అందించిన (andinchina), అందించినది (andinchinadi), అందించినవి (andinchinavi), అందించినారు (andinchinaaru), అందించినవారు (andinchinavaaru).

Pronunciation: uh-duhm-brey-tid

Synonyms of Adumbrated

Some synonyms of adumbrated include foreshadowed, hinted, suggested, intimated, and outlined.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Adumbrate (verb) – అందించు (andinchu) – to outline or sketch something briefly
  • Adumbration (noun) – అందించడం (andinchadam) – the act of foreshadowing or suggesting something
  • Adumbrative (adjective) – అందించిన (andinchina) – indicating or foreshadowing something

Example sentences:

  1. The dark clouds adumbrate an approaching storm. (Verb)
  2. The adumbration of danger made her cautious. (Noun)
  3. His adumbrative remarks hinted at a possible solution. (Adjective)


In Telugu, the antonym of adumbrated is అందించకుండా (andinchakundaa), which means “unadumbrated” or “unforeshadowed.”

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