Adaptations are changes or modifications made to something in order to suit a new purpose or environment. In Telugu, adaptations can be referred to as అనుకరణలు (anukaraṇalu).


Adaptations is pronounced as /ˌædæpˈteɪʃənz/.


Some synonyms for adaptations include adjustments, modifications, alterations, changes, and transformations.

Nearby Words

  • Adapt (verb) – అనుకరించు (anukarin̄cu) – The plants have adapted to the dry climate.
  • Adaptable (adjective) – అనుకూలంగా మారుతున్న (anukūlaṅgā mārutunna) – She is an adaptable person who can easily adjust to new situations.
  • Adaptability (noun) – అనుకూలత (anukūlata) – The adaptability of the team allowed them to overcome challenges.
  • Adapted (adjective) – అనుకరించబడిన (anukarin̄cabadiṇa) – The book was adapted into a successful movie.


The antonym for adaptations in Telugu is అనుకరణలు కాదు (anukaraṇalu kādu).

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