Meaning and Pronunciation of “alongwith”

The word “alongwith” is an adverb that is used to indicate that something or someone is accompanying or together with another thing or person. It is often used in formal or legal contexts.

Pronunciation: (uh-long-with)

Synonyms of “alongwith”

1. Together with
2. Alongside
3. In addition to
4. In conjunction with
5. Accompanied by

Nearby Words

1. Alongside (preposition) – పక్కన పక్కన (pakkan pakkan) – Alongside the river, there were beautiful flowers.
2. Along (preposition) – పక్కన (pakkan) – She walked along the beach.
3. Alongside (adverb) – పక్కన పక్కన (pakkan pakkan) – The car parked alongside the building.
4. Aloud (adverb) – జోరుగా (jorugā) – She read the poem aloud.
5. Alone (adverb) – ఒక్కటిగా (okkaṭigā) – He prefers to be alone.


The antonym of “alongwith” is “without.”

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