Alongside: Meaning and Pronunciation

Alongside is an adverb and preposition in English. It is pronounced as /əˌlɔŋˈsaɪd/.

Meanings in Telugu:

పక్కపక్కగా (pakka pakka ga), పక్కపక్కగా ఉండే (pakka pakka ga undhe), పక్కపక్కగా ఉండేవారిని (pakka pakka ga undhevarini)


beside, next to, by, adjacent to, alongside of

Nearby Words:

Noun: side (పక్కము), edge (ఎదురు), boundary (పరిమితి)
Verb: accompany (సహచరించు), parallel (సమాంతరముగా ఉండు), run alongside (పక్కపక్కగా ఉండు)
Adjective: adjacent (పక్కపక్కగా ఉన్న), neighboring (పక్కపక్కగా ఉన్న), parallel (సమాంతరముగా ఉన్న)
Adverb: nearby (పక్కపక్కగా), close by (పక్కపక్కగా), alongside (పక్కపక్కగా)
Preposition: beside (పక్కపక్కగా), next to (పక్కపక్కగా), by (పక్కపక్కగా)

Example Sentences:

  1. He parked his car alongside mine.
  2. The new building stands alongside the old one.
  3. She worked alongside her father in the family business.


apart (వేరుగా), away (దూరంగా), distant (దూరముగా)

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