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Advance Copy: Meaning and Pronunciation

An advance copy refers to a pre-release version of a book, document, or any other written material that is sent to reviewers, publishers, or other individuals before its official publication. In Telugu, it is known as ముందుగా ప్రతిపాదించబడే ప్రతిగామి (munduga pratipādiṁcabade pratigāmi).

Pronunciation: [muhn-doo-gah pruh-tee-pah-deen-chuh-bah-deh pruh-tee-gah-mee]

Synonyms of Advance Copy

1. Pre-release version
2. Preview copy
3. Galley proof
4. Review copy
5. Uncorrected proof

Nearby Words

1. Advance (verb) – ముందుగా చెందు, ముందుగా వెళ్ళు (munduga cendu, munduga vellu)
Example: The author decided to advance a few chapters of the book to the reviewers.

2. Copy (noun) – నకలు (nakalu)
Example: The publisher made multiple copies of the advance copy for distribution.

3. Reviewer (noun) – సమీక్షకుడు (samīkṣakuḍu)
Example: The advance copy was sent to several reviewers for their feedback.


The antonym of advance copy in Telugu is ప్రచురణ ప్రతిగామి (prachurana pratigāmi).

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