Advocates: Meaning and Pronunciation

In Telugu, the word “advocates” can be translated as వకీలులు (vakeelulu), పరామర్శకులు (paraamarshakulu), or ప్రచారకులు (prachaarakulu).

Pronunciation: (ad-vuh-keyts)

Synonyms of Advocates

Some synonyms of advocates include lawyers, attorneys, counsels, legal representatives, and solicitors.

Nearby Words

1. Adversary (noun) – ప్రతిపక్షము (pratipakshamu)
Meaning: An opponent or enemy.
Example: The advocate skillfully argued against his adversary in court.

2. Argument (noun) – వాదం (vaadam)
Meaning: A discussion or debate presenting different viewpoints.
Example: The advocate presented a strong argument to support his client’s case.

3. Court (noun) – న్యాయాలయం (nyaayaalayam)
Meaning: A place where legal matters are heard and decided.
Example: The advocate presented evidence in court to prove his client’s innocence.


The antonym of “advocates” in Telugu is విరోధించు (virodhinchu).

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