Advocate-General: Meaning and Pronunciation

The term “Advocate-General” refers to a legal position in the government, responsible for providing legal advice and representing the state in legal matters. In Telugu, it is known as ఆడ్వోకేట్-జనరల్ (āḍvōkēṭ-janaral).

Pronunciation: (āḍvōkēṭ-janaral)

Synonyms of Advocate-General

1. Legal Advisor (వకాలతా సలహాకారుడు, vakālatā salahākāruḍu)

2. State Counsel (రాష్ట్ర సలహాకారుడు, rāṣṭra salahākāruḍu)

3. Government Lawyer (ప్రభుత్వ వకీలు, prabhutva vakīlu)

Nearby Words

1. Advocate (Noun) – వకీలు (vakīlu) – She hired an advocate to represent her in court.

2. Advocacy (Noun) – ప్రచారం (pracāraṁ) – The organization is known for its advocacy of human rights.

3. Advertise (Verb) – విజ్ఞాపించు (vijñāpinchu) – They decided to advertise their new product on television.


The antonym of Advocate-General is “విరోధి” (virodhi) in Telugu, which means opponent or adversary.

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