Alloy: Meaning and Pronunciation

An alloy is a substance made by combining two or more metals, or a metal and a non-metal. It is created to enhance the properties of the individual elements, such as strength, durability, or resistance to corrosion. In Telugu, alloy is known as మిశ్రధాతువు (mishradhātuvu).

Pronunciation: [uh-loy]

Synonyms of Alloy

1. Blend

2. Composite

3. Mixture

4. Combination

Nearby Words

1. Metal (Noun) – లోహం (lohām) – The substance with high electrical conductivity.

2. Non-metal (Noun) – అలోహం (alohām) – An element or substance that is not a metal.

3. Fusion (Noun) – సంఘటన (sanghaṭana) – The process of combining two or more substances.

4. Compound (Noun) – కమ్పౌండ్ (kampauṇḍ) – A substance formed by the chemical combination of two or more elements.

Example Sentences:

1. The sword was made of a strong alloy of iron and carbon.

2. The jewelry was crafted using a gold and silver alloy.

3. The alloy wheel of the car provided better performance and durability.


The antonym of alloy in Telugu is అలోహం (alohām).

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