Adulterate: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adulterate is a verb that means to make something impure or weaker by adding inferior or foreign substances. In Telugu, it is translated as మిశ్రము చేయు (mishramu cheyu), కలిపి చేయు (kalipi cheyu), కలిపించు (kalipinchu), కలిపించుట (kalipinchuta).

Pronunciation: [uh-duhl-tuh-reyt]

Synonyms of Adulterate

1. Contaminate
2. Pollute
3. Dilute
4. Taint
5. Debase

Nearby Words

1. Adulterant (noun) – మిశ్రమ పదార్థము (mishrama padarthamu) – The adulterant in the milk was harmful to health.

2. Adulteration (noun) – మిశ్రమణ (mishramaṇa) – The adulteration of spices is a serious concern.

3. Adulterer (noun) – మిశ్రమజీవి (mishramajīvi) – The adulterer was caught selling fake medicines.

4. Adulterous (adjective) – మిశ్రమజీవి (mishramajīvi) – The adulterous affair caused a lot of pain and heartbreak.


The antonym of adulterate is “శుద్ధము” (śuddhamu) in Telugu, which means pure.

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