Actuated: Meaning and Pronunciation

Actuated is an adjective that refers to something being set in motion or influenced by a particular motive or cause. It is pronounced as ak-choo-ey-tid.

Synonyms of Actuated

Some synonyms of actuated include motivated, driven, prompted, impelled, and inspired.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Act (noun) – చర్య, నటవండి
  • Action (noun) – చర్య, పని
  • Activate (verb) – సక్రియం చేయు, ప్రవర్తించు
  • Actor (noun) – నటుడు, అభినేత

Example sentences:

  1. అతను తన ప్రేరణతో చర్యలో పడినాడు. (He was actuated by his motivation to act.)
  2. అతను తన ప్రేరణతో పనిచేసాడు. (He acted with his motivation.)


The antonym of actuated in Telugu is నిష్క్రియం (nishkriyam).

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