Affectation: Meaning and Pronunciation

Affectation is a noun that refers to the act of pretending or putting on a false display of behavior, speech, or mannerisms in order to impress others. In Telugu, affectation can be translated as అభిమానం (abhimānaṁ), నటన (naṭana), నటినటన (naṭinaṭana).

Pronunciation: uh-fek-tey-shuhn

Synonyms of Affectation

Some synonyms of affectation include pretense, artificiality, insincerity, pose, mannerism, and affect.

Nearby Words

1. Affection (noun) – ఆదరణ (ādaraṇa) – a feeling of fondness or love towards someone or something.
Example: His affection for his pet dog is evident in the way he cares for it.

2. Affecting (adjective) – ప్రభావితంగా (prabhāvitaṁgā) – causing strong emotions or feelings.
Example: The affecting story of the orphan moved everyone to tears.

3. Affectingly (adverb) – ప్రభావితంగా (prabhāvitaṁgā) – in a way that evokes strong emotions or feelings.
Example: The speaker’s words were affectingly sincere and touched the hearts of the audience.


The antonym of affectation is sincerity, which can be translated as నిజాయితీ (nijāyitī) in Telugu.

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