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All the Go Meanings in Telugu Language

Here are the various meanings of the word “go” in Telugu:

1. వెళ్ళు (veḷḷu)

Pronunciation: *ve-lu*

Meaning: to move or travel from one place to another

2. పోవు (pōvu)

Pronunciation: *pō-vu*

Meaning: to leave or depart

3. చెందు (cendu)

Pronunciation: *cen-du*

Meaning: to reach or arrive at a place

Synonyms of Go

Some synonyms of the word “go” include:

  • travel
  • move
  • proceed
  • depart
  • journey

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to “go” in Telugu:

  • come (verb) – రా (rā)
  • stay (verb) – ఉండు (uṇḍu)
  • run (verb) – పరుగు (parugu)
  • walk (verb) – నడక (naḍaka)

Example sentences:

  1. నాన్న వెళ్ళుకునేందుకు నేను చెందాను. (Nānna veḷḷuku nēnduku nēnu cendānu) – I am going to my father’s place.
  2. రా, మన ఇంటికి రా. (Rā, mana iṇṭiki rā) – Come, come to our house.
  3. నీకు పరుగుకున్నాను. (Nīku parugukunnānu) – I am running for you.


The antonym of “go” in Telugu is:

రాలేదు (rālēdu) – to not go

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