all the same

All the Same: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms

Meaning: “All the same” is an idiomatic expression used to indicate that despite a difference or contrary opinion, the outcome or result remains unchanged or unaffected.

Pronunciation: *All the same* (అల్ ది సేమ్)

Synonyms: nevertheless, nonetheless, regardless, notwithstanding, even so, still, yet, however, though, in spite of, despite

Nearby Words:


  • alliance – మైత్రిభావం, సంధి
  • allegation – ఆరోపణ, దోషాలు
  • allocation – కిందికి చేయుట, నిర్ధారణ


  • alleged – ఆరోపించిన, దోషాలు ఉన్న
  • allergic – అలెర్జీ ఉన్న, అలెర్జీ కలిగిన
  • alluring – ఆకర్షించే, మోహించే


  • allegedly – ఆరోపించినట్లు, దోషాలు ఉన్నట్లు
  • alluringly – ఆకర్షకంగా, మోహకంగా
  • allegorically – అల్లేగోరికల్లీ

Related Sentences:

  • Despite the rain, she decided to go for a walk all the same.
  • He failed the test, but he was happy all the same.
  • She didn’t agree with his decision, but she supported him all the same.

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